Why this training Initiative?

After 35 years as an urban practitioner, I have made the following observations: 

  • There is a growing army of motivated Christian leaders passionate to change their cities
  • Most efforts globally are led by motivated individuals or by small organizations
  • There is a need to create more muscularity among leaders and organizations to tackle the great challenges of the 21st century urban landscape

The vision is to invest in 1000 practitioners who are leading city gospel movement expressions. The prospective students will be nominated by leaders currently leading gospel movement expressions across six continents where we have more than 200 engaged cities. The model would be two practitioners per city to have a shared experience. 

The model is a 3 year cohort. Year 1 the global cohort begins together at the selected city. That city will serve as a lab for the cohort. Years 2 and 3 will be hosted be regions of the world.

At the end of the three year experience the leaders will be able to do the following: 

  • Present a decadal plan for their city that reflects the commitment of a community of stakeholders 
  • Create a series of Bible rooted materials )Bible studios, sermon outlines, podcasts) that can be used in the context of their city to deepen a theology of the city. 
  • Demonstrate growth in their own organizational capacity
  • Grow or plant Movement Day Expressions for their city 

Thematic Content for each annual gathering of a cohort


Vision: The Leaders Most Important Assignment

  • Enlarging a leader’s vision for the God of the city. This will be done through a series of guided reflections and journal experiences.
  • Building out a sustainable prayer strategy for a leader’s city movement 
  • Teaching on developing an urban theology 
  • Creation of theological reflections for your city


An Urban Leader’s Tool Kit: Growing Organization

  • Creating a strategic plan that will scale your organization 
  • The core skills of growing organizationsL Fundraising, staffing, board development, mobilization
  • The role of social media and communications


Creating a Decadal Plan Using Movement Day Methodology

  • Conducting the right research to understand your city
  • Creating partnerships that produce scaled impact
  • Planning for and executing your Movement Day Expression